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Metallurgical industry refers to the industrial sector that exploits, concentrates, sinters metal ores, smelts them and processes them into metal materials. Compared with other industries, metallurgical industry has great differences, but also has a certain degree of industrial relevance and periodicity. With the continuous development of social economy, there is a strong demand for iron and steel...
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Petrochemical industry is a pillar industry in China. In the process of petrochemical production, it needs to undergo many physical and chemical processes, mass transfer and heat transfer unit operation, and some process control conditions are extremely harsh. These harsh conditions put forward strict requirements for the manufacture, maintenance and personnel quality of petrochemical production e...
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Electric power industry is an important basic industry and public utilities related to national economy and people's livelihood. Safety, stability and adequate supply of electricity are important guarantees for the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the national economy.Electric power supply and demand have regional characteristics: although the overall power supply and ...
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Shipbuilding industry is a comprehensive industry that provides technical equipment for shipping industry, marine development and national defense construction. It has a strong driving role in the development and export expansion of key industries such as steel, petrochemical, light industry, textile, equipment manufacturing, electronic information and so on. The comprehensive strength of science ...
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