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Ship heavy industry

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Shipbuilding industry is a comprehensive industry that provides technical equipment for shipping industry, marine development and national defense construction. It has a strong driving role in the development and export expansion of key industries such as steel, petrochemical, light industry, textile, equipment manufacturing, electronic information and so on. The comprehensive strength of science and technology in China's shipbuilding industry has leaped to the forefront of the world. It has the design ability of main high-tech ships and deep-water marine engineering equipment, breaks through the key technology of high-tech ships in an all-round way, and the design and manufacture ability of marine engineering equipment has entered the forefront of the world. The shipbuilding industry has established a modern shipbuilding mode in an all-round way, and the capability of digital shipbuilding has been greatly improved. Matching capacity and level have been greatly improved, and important breakthroughs have been made in ship automation and system integration

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