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Electric power industry

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Electric power industry is an important basic industry and public utilities related to national economy and people's livelihood. Safety, stability and adequate supply of electricity are important guarantees for the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the national economy.

Electric power supply and demand have regional characteristics: although the overall power supply and demand in China has basically reached a balance, but the demand in some areas is relatively strong. Power project has the characteristics of individuality, long cycle and many external constraints. The construction of power project is greatly influenced by natural environment and resources, and also has an important impact on the ecological environment.

The construction of hydropower station is influenced by river and geomorphology. Under different geomorphological environment, the construction mode and construction scheme of hydropower station will be different. The different flow of river in different seasons determines the seasonal characteristics of the power generation of hydropower station.

Thermal power plants are affected by environmental protection and fuel factors. The sufficient and convenient supply of raw materials directly affects the cost of power plants and the stability of power supply.

Wind farms are affected by factors such as wind resources and grid conditions. Only where the wind power is stable and sufficient and the grid coverage conditions are satisfied, can wind farms be suitable for construction.

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