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Paper industry

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Paper industry is an industrial sector that manufactures various kinds of paper and paperboard. Paper industry is an important industry closely related to the development of national economy and the construction of social civilization. In developed countries, the growth rate of paper and cardboard consumption is synchronized with the growth rate of GDP. The role played in the modern economy has attracted more and more attention of the world. It is internationally recognized as 'never exhausted' industry. In developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Finland and Sweden, the paper industry has become one of the ten pillars of the national economy. The characteristics of modern paper industry are different from those of general consumer goods industry. It is a basic raw material industry with technology, capital, resources and energy intensive, remarkable scale benefit and continuous and efficient production. More than 80% of the total products are used as means of production in news, publishing, printing, commodity packaging and other industrial fields, while less than 20% are used for direct consumption. Paper industry is highly related, involving forestry, agriculture, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, thermoelectricity, transportation, environmental protection and other industries. It has a certain pulling effect on the economy of upstream and downstream industries. Nowadays, the production and consumption level of paper and cardboard has been regarded as one of the important symbols to measure the level of modernization and civilization of a country in the world.

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