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General requirements for valves and pipes1. When the outlet diameter of fire pump is greater than 300 mm, the valve with single manual opening and closing function should not be used. Valves should have clear opening and closing signs, remote control valves should have fast opening and closing function, and reliable sealing. Chinese style2. Locking devices shall be installed for normally open or normally closed valves, and opening and closing indicators shall be installed for control valves and valves requiring opening and closing. The opening and closing signals of the control valves participating in the linkage control of the remote control gun system shall be transmitted to the system control room. Chinese style3. Ball valves shall be used on dry powder pipelines, and their diameters mu...
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Why should the control valve be fitted with accessories?In the production process, the control system puts forward various requirements for valves. Therefore, the control valve must be equipped with various accessories to meet the production process.Needs. The correct selection of valve accessories should be a useful guarantee and supplement to the function, safety and reliability of the valve, but if the selection is inappropriate,It will bring many negative effects, so we should attach great importance to the selection.What are the auxiliary devices of pneumatic control valves? What role does each play?Valve positioner - including electrical valve positioner and pneumatic valve positioner, is used to improve the working characteristics of the control valve to achieve correct positioning....
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MICONEX has successfully held 29 sessions, involving thousands of enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions, tens of thousands of scientists and technicians, and more than 500,000 exhibition spectators. It has built a long-term and stable platform for the exchange of instruments and instruments at home and abroad.At this year's MICONEX exhibition,cosmicroc will show you imported products such as positioners, electric actuators and so on. We have a professional team for you to explain in detail, and provide detailed product information for you to understand.cosmicroc  looks forward to communicating with you and hopes to take this opportunity to share business opportunities!
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Clear with shallow,There is no winter or spring in the mirror.Qianquan wrote about trees.A hundred feet see scales.—— Shen Yue in Southern DynastyIt is said that Hangzhou is the back garden of Shanghai while Qiandao Lake is the back garden of Hangzhou. Late summer and autumn solstice, everything is just right. In order to thank all colleagues for their hard work, enrich the cultural life of employees, improve the welfare of the company, alleviate the pressure of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the company team, the company organized a three-day tour to Qiandaohu Lake, Hangzhou.The lively activity and beautiful scenery left us deep memories. Tourism has brought the feelings between employees closer, deepened friendship, created a united and upward atmosphere, and strengthened the c...
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1. Before installation, check all parts of pneumatic butterfly valve without missing, model is correct, check valve body without debris, solenoid valve and silencer without blocking.2. Put the valve and cylinder in the closed state.3. Crash the cylinder into the valve (installation direction is parallel or vertical with the valve body), and then see if the screw hole is correct, there will be no big deviation. If there is a little deviation, turn the cylinder block a little, and then tighten the screw.4. After installation, the pneumatic butterfly valve is debugged (normal supply pressure is 0.4-0.6 MPa). During debugging, the solenoid valve must be opened and closed manually (manual operation is effective after the solenoid coil is out of power), and the opening and closing situation of t...
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